About Us

Welcome to the Website of Meyer's-Wiesen - we appreciate your interest!

Following you'll find a few information according our History, as well as our Philosophy, Subsidiaries and Quality Assurance.

Also this webpage should give you some insight into both of our business areas - Vegetables and Fruits - as well as everything about Walnut.


Wholesale and Retail Meyer's Wiesen e. K. is a German company which was founded in 1991 by Julius Kocsis.

At the border opening in 1991 - togethet with his wife, Marianne Kocsis - he used his many years of experience and built the company in Germany which is steadily prospering.

There is high demand in Germany for high quality vegetables and fruits from Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. This demand was used as the cornerstone of the company.

Transylvania is a historcal-geographical area in north-west Romania. Its inhabitants are originating from many nationalities. The gastronomical culture of the area was also influenced greatly by the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy - from these sources it developed into a rich, diverse tradition.

This area is famous since the 14th century for its Vegetable and Fruit types - even it was mentioned as the "Famous Garden of Europa". However, the traditional farms are far less existent nowadays.

Therefore we would like to present you a chance to taste some of these delights.

All products are without any additinal sugar, coloring, preservatives or flavor enhancer produced, following traditional recipes. On many occassions sugar is existing in a hidden form in food. However, too many of it is harmful, thus we gave up to use this ingredient. Our products are therefore suitable for diabetics either.


Meyer's Wiesen is a family company built on traditions with responsibility. The company concentrates in fresh fruit and vegetable trading for further processing in food industry - for example canning industry - food retailers and wholesalers in Germany and Austria.

We process yearly 400-450 tons of walnut, on top of that in summer months we sell fresh and forest fruit to retail chains and canneries.

We are certified for bio-walnut handling after the EU - eco-regulations.

Corresponding to customer requests our wares are produced according to the highest standards in Quality and Hygiene during the whole production- and delivery process. That is why our business policy targets long-term partnerships and careful selection of suppliers.

All our knowlegde about Fruit and vegetable trading, together with our consistent quality philosophy that starts at the sources, makes it possible for us to offer the best possible conditions for all of our customers.

Our business policy is aimed for long-term partnership with customers and suppliers. To be able to manage that we provide quick decisions, liability in arrangements and creativty. All our commercial activities are centered around our customers.


Our subsidiary was founded in Romania (called SC Sam-Wolf S.R.L.) - certified ISO 22000:2018. It is working in the area of acquisition, processing, packaging and selling of walnut and walnut kernels. The sales markets are located in Germany, Austria and Hungary mainly.


All our systems in the area of QA, product safety, ethic and personal responsibility, as well as environmental protection correspond to the legal regulations and contactual agreements.

We are looking for opportunities for improvement in all areas of our business continuously, in collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

Our processing system comply with the regulations of HACCP. Our employees are under constant medical supervision, and are regularly trained.