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On our website we would like to inform you about the history, our products, the company structure and our quality assurance.


Wholesale and retail Meyer's Wiesen e. K. is a German company, which was founded in 1991 by Julius Kocsis.

After the opening of the border in 1990, the German ethnic German immigrant, together with his wife Marianna Kocsis, used their many years of experience and contacts and steadily expanded the trading company from Germany to the present day.

The demand in Germany and Austria for high quality fruit and vegetables from Transylvania, Hungary and Ukraine was vice versa in turn the foundation stone of today's company.

Transylvania is a historical and geographical area, inhabited by different nations in today's "Northwest - Center" of Romania. Not least due to the influence of the then Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, many different tastes have been formed.

Furthermore, Transylvania has been known since the 14th century, among other things, for its famous fruits and vegetables and also made a name for itself as the "Famous Gardens of Europe". Mostly fruits, vegetables as well as walnuts were cultivated. Today, however, only a few of the traditional fruit and vegetable gardens remain in their natural form.


Meyer's Wiesen is a traditionally managed trading company that processes walnuts into walnut kernels and walnut oil - using the cold pressing process - in its subsidiary of SC Sam-Wolf S.R.L. in the county of Sathmar.

This is one ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, implementing the HACCP concept and complying with and controlling generally accepted European food hygiene and safety standards. Compliance with these standards is monitored by the Hungarian e.com-CERT ICBR Kft, H-1061 Budapest.

Meyer's Wiesen is also certified for trading in organic walnut kernels in accordance with the EU organic regulation.

Furthermore, fruits and vegetables from Hungary or East Europe are exported to canneries and food retailers via our partner companies, and potatoes and onions are exported from Germany or West Europe.

Close coordination with our customers enables the realization of specific customer requirements and is still the key to success today.