Walnut harvest 2022:

The 2022 walnut harvest in Eastern Europe is completed.


Due to regional showers, drying in some areas is still taking some time. The total harvest amount is slightly lower than last year.


As expected, the harvest volume in Ukraine this year is significantly lower. Many growing areas are in the war zones around Kyiv, where no harvest can take place.


A smaller harvest is also expected from Hungary, and the walnuts are also expected to be exported mostly with the shell due to the increased energy costs.

In general, in Eastern Europe, we talke about a decent but not a top harvest. The long-lasting heat wave has reduced the harvest volume. This is one of the reasons why the walnut kernels are a little less light in color than they were at the beginning of the last harvest.

Potato harvest 2022:

Due to the persistent heat and drought in many regions of Germany, the harvest is expected to be around 9% lower than last year. The harvest volume falls to 10.3 million tons despite the 8,000 hectares larger acreage.

Walnut kernels and walnut oil

Our walnut kernels come from farmers and smallholders.
We process up to 250 tons of walnut kernels in our subsidiary.


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