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All our products are made without sugar, dye, preservatives or flavor enhancers, after a traditional recipe.
Sometimes sugar is contained in food in natural, hidden way. However, too much sugar poses a certain threat therefore we decided not to use this ingredient. Thus our products are suitable for diabetics also.

Plum jam with walnut

Plum is not only containing a lot of vitamins - like A, C and E, as well as multiple types from the B vitamin group - its mineral content is also significant. Its fiber content helps controling cholesterol level and has a beneficial effect on digestive issues.

Buckthorn jam

Buckthorn is rich in vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, B and E. As some of the vitamines are fat-soluble, fat content of buckthorn already makes it possible for the organism to process these materials. Buckthorn is also one of those few vegetable foodstuffs which contains vitamin B12 - a nutrient which is contained mostly only in meat, but are vital for cell division and hematopoiesis, and also play an important role in nerve system functions.
Therefore the buckthorn is essential source of B12 for vegetarians and vegans who probably have a more or less serious deficiency of this vitamin. Its high vitamin C content, when consumed regularly, helps treating colds.

Other news:

  • Walnut in Shell harvest: 2016. Country of Origin: Hungary. In raschel Sacks per 10 kg; 600 kg per Euro Palette; 19.200 kg per Truck.
    Assortment: 30-32mm, 32-34mm, 34mm+

  • Green pumpkin seeds. Purity: 99%, Type: Steiermark Opal, packaged in Paper sacks, for bakeries and packaging