Walnut kernels and specialities

General information about our walnuts

We process around 600t of walnuts a year into cca. 250t walnut kernels and walnut oil and obtain our walnuts primarily from regional farmers and smallholders from Transylvania, Hungary and latterly also from the Ukraine and not from large plantations.

The trees grow "wild" on the property and many of them are ancient. Traditionally, many farmers and smallholders also grew walnut trees around their house and their properties, as this was intended to protect the house and yard from storms and thus from misfortune.

The walnut trees often have a large spreading crown. The walnuts are untreated and natural, as no pesticides are used on the tree or soil. Pesticides are suspected of being hazardous to health.

Of course, we can also offer you organically certified (Bio) walnut kernels through our partners.

Harvest of walnuts

Nature is often smarter than we are and therefore the walnut tree knows best when its fruits are ripe enough and just throw them off at exactly that time. You don't have to shake it, because walnuts which are not quite ripe often fall off with it.

After harvesting, the walnuts are traditionally dried in the attic or in the warehouse. A few (organic) farmers also have gentle drying systems to dry the walnuts more quickly.

After drying, the walnuts are often cracked manually by hand and then delivered to us.

Processing and packaging

Storage of walnuts:

  • After cleaning, walnuts are gently stored in a cool, dry and dark place by our long-term partners, regional farmers and smallholders, so that they retain their taste and nutritional content.

  • Protected by the thick shell, they can be kept for up to twelve months without any loss of quality.

Processing the walnut kernels:

  • We receive freshly cracked walnuts weekly from our regional farmers and smallholders.

  • Our motto: only freshly cracked walnuts taste fresh.
  • The walnut kernels are then processed in accordance with the specifications of ISO 22000:2018 and the associated HACCP concept. First they are cleaned by compressed air in the whirl chamber. Then they are conveyed to the shaking sieve and sorted. Subsequently they are sorted by hand once again and handpicked before being packed and at the end checked by the metal detector.

Packaging options:

  • Loose, lined with permeable to air paper in leveled 10kg cartons vacuum packaging

  • From the beginning of a new year our walnut kernels are packed in vacuum. The bag is made of food grade transparent film.
    Walnut kernels 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg in vacuum


  • All stacked on Euro pallets (approx. 480 kg/pallet)


Walnut kernels

  • Possible color assortment

    • Color A

      Light kernels - the tolerance range in terms of weight allows max. 15% of kernels to be darker than [A], of which again max. 1% may be darker than [B].

    • Color B

      Light amber - the tolerance range in terms of weight allows max. 15% of the kernels to be darker than [B], of which max. 1% can be darker than [C].

    • Color C

      Amber - the tolerance range in terms of weight allows a maximum of 10% of the kernels to be darker than [B].

  • Possible combinations

    • Item No.: 100012 Walnut halves

      Light and light brown half kernels [90% + 10% broken] (A+B)

    • Item No.: 100013 Walnut broken

      Light and light brown kernels quarters, eighths and broken pieces from 3 mm upwards (A+B)

    • Item No.: 100018 Walnut Quarry Amber

      Brown (amber) kernels quarters, eighths and fragments from 3mm upwards (A+B)

    On request we can of course offer you other combinations.

Walnut oil (cold pressed)

  • Item No.: 100020



    • Our walnut oil is produced by cold pressing with a screw press from natural and not roasted walnut kernels.

    • The temperature in this process is below 40 degrees Celsius. The screw press plant generates only a very small amount of frictional heat during processing. This is followed by sedimentation and then bottling.

    • Cold pressing is considered the best and healthiest form of walnut oil, as no chemical solvents are used in the process.

    • This process ensures that all the healthy ingredients, such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, lecithin, enzymes, trace elements and also the flavors of the walnut kernels are preserved.

    • The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in walnut oil are not only essential for nutrition and metabolism, but also have positive effects on health. Omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids contained in walnut oil, important for maintaining the health of nerve and brain cells, and can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

    • Walnut oil is excellent for cold cuisine to refine salads, vegetables, but also for desserts.

    • Our walnut oil is available in the following containers: 0,25l, 0,75l, 5l, 10l, 25l, 100l or on request also in larger containers.

Walnut flour, Press cake, pomace

  • Item No.: 100021


    • De-oiled walnut meal (so-called press cake) is produced during walnut oil pressing in the cold pressing process.

    • The de-oiled press cake that remains is not to be confused with ground walnuts, which continue to contain their natural walnut oil.

    • This contains a lot of crude fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins, as well as a portion of the high-quality residual oil.

    • The walnut flour is very suitable for baking, for example bread or as a hearty shortcrust for quiche.

    • Since the nut flours lack binding, we recommend adding a little guar gum.

    • The walnut flour is packed in 5kg or 10kg vacuum bags, or in larger bags on request.

Walnut puree

  • Item No.: 100022


    • After the walnut oil pressing, the natural walnut puree is produced during sedimentation.

    • This is also natural and pure, because this way the walnut puree can keep its vital substances and its natural taste and it has therefore also raw food quality.

    • The walnut puree can be used as a spread, as a dip, to refine ice cream or soups, as a pasta filling or simply as an additive for the morning cereal.

    • The walnut puree is available in 200g jars or in larger containers on request.